Mission Statement & How We Help

Here’s who we are:

We are a team of specialist engineers, passionate in helping our clients using computers in their business; prevent system crashes due to bad electricity, such as spikes, voltage variations and blackouts. We do this, using reliable UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems we have tested, trust and support. Our aim is to ensure maximum computer system uptime, saving you time, money, stress and headaches and maybe…even your business.

Here’s what computer problems we solve:

Computers and electronic equipment used for data processing, medical, telecommunication, security and many other applications are sensitive to electricity supply disturbances. Blackouts are not the only problems present on the electricity supply affecting computers. Powercuts are the only ones we immediately identify, when the lights go out. However computers are sensitive to 8 other disturbances on the supply. High and low voltages, electric noise, spikes, harmonics, frequency variations are just some. These problems are not only caused by bad weather but, funnily enough by humans. This is confirmed by data received from the Electricity Authority for 2015. Below our rather humorous graphical representation of 695 power cuts recorded by the EAC in Cyprus in 2015 and what caused them.

Electricity Problems
Here’s what I believe:

In view of the above confirmed reality, regarding the quality of Electricity coming to our homes and businesses, I strongly believe that every computer system used in business should be protected against such electricity problems, no matter the size of the business.
Whether you work from home to make a living, or have a small business with a few PCs or you work in IT for a larger company with a server room and a network, the risk of losing your data or suffering hardware damage, are equally real, damaging, stressful and expensive.
So protecting your computers with the right UPS must be one of your top three priorities. Good antivirus software and an external hard disk for data protection and back up are the other two.

Here’s how I got started:Mr. Christos video youtube

In 1982 after finishing my studies in the U.K. and the United States B.Sc. Electronics, M.Sc. in Telecommunications and Diploma in Computer Engineering, I returned to Cyprus.
It was the time when our economy was growing and computerization was starting to take off. Everybody was selling either computer software or hardware at the time. The thing is that many newly installed systems did not work properly. They kept crashing and the buyers were blaming either the hardware or the software or both and no one had a solution to the problems.
That was the time when I suspected, based on my experience in the United States, that the problem was with the electricity supply powering the computers. However I was a newcomer and it was difficult for me to get attention. I had a solution and nobody would listen to a newbie.
So short funded as I was, I decided to invest in a machine called a Power Analyzer, which actually acted a little like a cardiogram, for electricity rather than the human heart. It recorded on a strip of paper power cuts, fluctuation and other line interference on the supply. Correlating problems with what disturbance was recorded I offered a written report with my suggestions.
I also offered equipment to solve the problem. Voltage Regulators were recommended or Line Filters or the” Ultimate” Uninterruptible Power Supplies, which were quite expensive at the time. The problems were solved every time. Sales took off and Digicom Ltd became known for its Solutions to Computer Electricity Supply Problems.

Here’s why you should trust us:

Our team consists of five electrical and electronics engineers, with both Bachelor and Master’s Degrees, with training on UPS, Rectifier, Inverter and battery systems. All of which we import, install and maintain ourselves. In fact our team has been solving exclusively, electricity supply problems since 1982, when Digicom was registered.
We have been certified as “Critical Power Experts” by one of the largest Companies in the USA, GENERAL ELECTRIC, GE.
With thousands of UPS installations in Cyprus, operating way longer than the design life, due to proper maintenance, this is what our clients are saying about us.

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Here’s what you should do now to take advantage of our expertise:

Keep up with the latest developments with our Newsletter. Click the button below:Main Website Newsletter button (3) copyNext visit our Online Shop at and chose the UPS that is suitable for your computer system. Our diagram for each UPS power rating will help you do that. If all this is too technical for you don’t worry. We have a special offer that will help you.
With our Power System Audit Service, you will have one of our qualified engineers visit your installation, advice and record all electronic equipment that should be protected, calculate the power rating of each piece and send you a report with recommendations and at least 2 alternative offers (economy and premium), for you to choose from. This service would normally cost €60/hour + VAT but… for a limited time only; we are offering this service for the ridiculously low price of €9 + VAT. Use discount code 85%AUDIT at check out. But hurry since we remove the discount when we are overbooked.

Power System Audit - new picture

Why such a deep discount 85%, you ask? Well… because we believe in helping computer users identify their real needs first and then buy the CORRECT UPS.
We have many computer users who come to us for help, because they either bought the wrong UPS technology which cannot solve their specific problem, or a UPS with the wrong power that cannot support their equipment or they cannot get any support for their damaged UPS, from the UPS box movers who sold it to them and offer no technical support after the sale. Order your Power System Audit Service now.

We hope to talk to you soon.

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  • “Very knowledgeable group of people, reliable, accountable and most importantly they back up their products with unprecedented service”.

    Nicos Angastiniotis.  Senior Lecturer at the Cyprus University of Technology.


  •  “We have been using the GE UPS products for the past 9 years and we never had a failure or loss of service. Quite dependable product and the proper service company behind, to support it”.

    Renos Anastasi. IT MANAGER at Emporiki Bank Cyprus.

  • “Passionate about his work, excellent knowledge of Power Quality technologies”

     Diego Toledo, Technical Application Engineering Team Leader - GE Digital Energy.

  • “Big thank you to your technical staff which makes your company a leader with their professionalism.”

    Savvas Charalambous, Cyprus/Greece: Facilities Experts, AMDOCS. 
  • “We recommend without any hesitation, both Digicom, and its GE products, which we consider professionals in matters of Continuous Power Supply.”

    Costas Demetriades, Information Technology Manager Universal Life Insurance Public Co. Ltd.
  • “We feel confident and secure that GE UPS Systems allocated throughout the 1500 medical equipment are supporting our High quality services and research systems.” 

    Stylianos Stylianou. Senior Engineer at The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics.


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